Pottery Inspired Wedding Editorial – My Wedding Magazine

Pottery Inspired Wedding Editorial – My Wedding Magazine

Pottery Inspired Wedding Editorial

From the cover story in My Wedding Magazine…

Once upon a time planning a wedding meant a few certain things: a local church, a simple reception and a dress your mother may have worn on her wedding day. But the contemporary wedding is an entirely different creature. Maybe it’s modern romance, maybe it’s Pinterest; no matter the cause, the effect is a celebration that’s less about tradition and more about personalization.  The modern wedding is an opportunity to strike out and forge your own pathway through the pretty. You’ll pick a theme, a location, the right décor, every decision leading you toward the event you’ll always remember. Still, this wedding isn’t only about the items you place in your event space, no matter how stunning they look. Rather, it’s about the personal styles and enduring relationship those details both highlight and reflect.  Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Events, who designs and styles numerous weddings each year, believes that getting a sense of a couple’s personal style and relationship is infinitely more important than relying on what the rest of the world thinks a wedding should look like.  But without loads of inspirational images, where does a wedding planning couple begin? It’s surprisingly simple. Start with yourselves. Examine your values – is a big wedding with all of your friends and family in attendance essential, or are you more interested in an intimate ceremony that’s centered on you and your vows – and think about the kinds of experiences and weddings you’ve loved attending in the past. What did those events have in common? Was it the food? The packed dance floor? Once you establish your preferences for the framework of your wedding, you can move into the aesthetic of your event. This is where tools like mood boards come in handy, although we still recommend you proceed with caution. In Wendy’s experience, it’s easy to get sucked into the miasma of inspiration and lose sight of yourselves and your relationship. If you do turn to that stack of ideas, use it as a reference point instead of a step by step guide. Start your search for details and ideas by looking at your personal style and moving your gaze outward into your home, your hobbies, the way you like to spend your time together and even the kinds of vacations you take.  By beginning with a greater understanding of the aesthetic and ideas you already love, you’ll provide your wedding details with a stronger foundation and you’ll stay true to yourselves. Now is the time to hire your vendors and invite them into your vision.  Choose vendors whose work you love – and then, when you’re settled in and focused on creating this dream wedding together, give them the space to be free to create that work you already know you adore. Hiring a florist because you love their whimsical, garden-inspired arrangements is the perfect decision until you try to force that signature style into a modern aesthetic. But when your loves and their talents meet in the middle, the collaborative result is sure to be unmatched.  This gradual development of your wedding décor may feel like a slow process, but wedding planning is rarely a sprint. And the result is organic and unpretentious. If ever you find yourself doubting your decisions, remember this one thing:  Your wedding day is about more than sparkle or sophistication alone. It’s about more than flowers on a table or invitation suites. It’s a celebration of your story and your future; this wedding is singularly you.

wedding tablescape with high back spindle chairs

bride and groom holding anemone bouquet at a pottery inspired wedding

Pottery inspired wedding featuring a groom in a grey suit

Pottery inspired wedding editorial featuring clay place cards


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