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The Investment

Each event Birds of a Feather produces is an original concept designed with unmatched beauty to captivate and inspire. Creating an event from the ground up requires vision, experience, and let’s be honest - a substantial investment.

What you can

expect to invest

in your wedding

The signature weddings shown on our
website and featured in our portfolio range

between $200,000 to $1M.

The amount you will invest in your wedding is contingent on your preferences. Do you want a Band or a DJ? Are you a minimalist when it comes to décor, or do you want ALL the florals? Do you prefer a three-course dinner or a fine dining experience with wine pairings? We guide our clients in determining what their wedding day could look like, and once those expectations are set, the design rises to that level.

While the exact number is determined by multiple factors such as location, production, floral design, food & beverage, etc. Birds of Feather clients typically spend between $1.5k to $6K per guest.

what we do

(really well)

Birds of a Feather specializes in both tented and non-tented weddings. Each event we produce is tailored to the client, with the key difference being the scope of the design.


Tented events are literally built from the ground up. From creating custom floor plans and ensuring there is electricity and water available to commissioning an experienced crew to bring Wendy’s vision to life, tented events are a full-blown production process. The necessary elements required for tenting an event (tent, flooring, lighting, etc.) start at $100K. All tented and destination events are designed and produced by the Creative Director & Owner of Birds of a Feather, Wendy Kay.


Non-tented events refer to indoor and outdoor locations, such as ballrooms and gardens. These events take place at an existing venue space, and production typically begins the day before the wedding. Lead Planner Sharon Frazier manages all non-tented Birds of a Feather events local to Dallas.

Our Planning


To provide the high-touch approach each event deserves, Birds of a Feather limits itself to planning four tented weddings and six non-tented weddings annually.


Wendy’s planning fee is 20% and Sharon’s planning fee is 16% of the overall wedding spend and is directly related to the scope of your event (tented vs non-tented).

why we’re


This info

Birds of a Feather operates with full transparency and the mutual trust of our clients. Discussing money doesn't scare us; in fact, we require it.

Our main priority is the comfort and confidence of our clients throughout the planning process. There are no surprise bills or spending decisions made without prior discussion. We take the stewardship of your wedding budget seriously.

Each wedding we produce is specifically designed with the preferences and personal style of the client in mind. Please connect with us to discuss your needs, and we will develop a realistic budget before ever putting pen to paper.

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